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WriteType L'editor che aiuta la Digitazione

WriteType è un’applicazione progettata specificamente per gli studenti che hanno difficoltà a digitare. Durante la digitazione, WriteType offre dei suggerimenti per le parole. Ha anche TTS (text-to-speech), capace di leggere il testo scritto o i suggerimenti.

Le novità della nuova versione:

· Grammar checking: WriteType now has an enhanced grammar checking system. It will check for common grammatical mistakes, and offer to correct them.
· Translation support: WriteType is now multi-lingual! A special thanks to Emilio Lopez and Harm Bathoorn for providing Spanish and Dutch translations.
· Word list sorted by use: The words you use most frequently within your document will float to the top of the list of word completions.
· Tab word completion: Now it is possible to select words from the list of suggested completions by tabbing and back-tabbing through the list. For convenience, the arrow keys may also be used.
· Auto-save support: WriteType autosaves your document frequently so that you never have to worry about losing any work.
· Changed file extension: Files created with WriteType are .wtd files instead of .html files. There is no difference in formatting; the new format simply allows WriteType to be selected as the default file handler.
· Diction checking: Advanced writers can use the diction check feature (courtesy of GNU Diction) to improve their writing style.
· Readability and statistics: It is now possible to figure out at what level you write.
· Fresh new look: WriteType has a new, more refreshing icon set.
· Lots of bugs: If you were experiencing a problem with the last version of WriteType, chances are this version fixes it.
· Some stuff I’m probably forgetting: Hey, I’m human!

Per installare l’applicazione su Ubuntu / Debian basta scaricare QUESTO pacchetto e cliccarci sopra e confermare.