Rilasciato Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6


Parsix è un Sistema Operativo Linux orientato al desktop, Live CD/Installabile, derivato da Debian. Parsix è facile da usare anche in versione Live e può addirittura essere impiegato per recuperare dati o per avere un ambiente Linux anche lontano da casa e su altri computer. La Distribuzione offre una Debian All in One completa di Driver Proprietari codec e molti software preinstallati.

Ecco le novità della nuova versione:

Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6 is synchronized with the Debian testing repos, as of July 1st, and it’s powered by Linux kernel (with the Kon Kolivas’s BFS and TuxOnIce 3.1 hibernation/suspend patches). NetworkManager 0.8.1 is now the default networking stack, GRUB2 is the default boot loader and a brand-new update manager tool is now present in Parsix 3.6.
“Parsix GNU/Linux 3.6 (code name `Vinnie`) is a brand new release that brings tons of updated packages, faster live boot and quality new features. This version has been synchronized with Debian testing repositories as of July 1, 2010 and brings lot of updated packages compared to Parsix 3.5 aka Frankie.”
“Now we have a snapshot of Debian Multimedia repository called Wonderland. Vinnie ISO images will not fit on CD and a DVD is required to burn them. These images are compiled using SquashFS 4.0 with LZMA compression.” – said Alan Baghumian in the release notes.

Parsix Linux 3.6 (ISO) i386

Parsix Linux 3.6 (ISO) amd64