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Rilasciato Clementine 0.5 Rc1 Installiamolo su Ubuntu

Nuovo aggiornamento per Clementine  è un moderno player audio, che punta ad assomigliare al buon “vecchio” Amarok 1.4, riscritto per sfruttare Qt4. Supporta il servizio Internet radio da Last.fm e SomaFM, inoltre possiamo modificare i tag da nostri MP3 e OGG e organizzare al meglio la nostra musica sulla nostra Distribuzione. Clementine stà ottenendo un notevole successo e l’applicazione può perfettamente competere con i più importanti player audio per linux, vedi amarok, exaile ecc.

Ecco le novità della nuova versione:

    * Add support for iPods, MTP music players and USB mass storage disks. You can now copy songs on to and manage files on your portable devices. Music will get transcoded automatically if the device you’re copying to doesn’t support the file type.
    * Add a queue manager.  You can now add songs to a queue to have them played before anything else in the playlist.
    * Add an Organise Files dialog that lets you copy files into your library or rename them to follow your naming convention.
    * Add support for Wii Remotes – you can now use your Wii Remote as a remote control for Clementine!
    * The columns in the playlist will now stretch to fit the whole window size.
    * Load embedded album art from id3v2 tags.
    * Load local files from the library instead if they exist, meaning existing album art will be used.
    * Support drag and drop between playlists.
    * Add options to disable library scanning.
    * Add an option to group the library by file type.
    * Add an option to change the GUI language.
    * Add an option to disable the current track glow effect.
    * Add a global shortcut to show/hide the OSD.
    * Show progress information for individual tracks when transcoding.
    * Add an svg icon.

    * Fix a memory leak when playing ogg streams.
    * Reduce the constant CPU usage when playing music.
    * Greatly reduce CPU usage when using the equalizer.
    * Greatly reduce startup time.
    * Move lots of disk IO to the background, making the GUI more responsive.
    * Display an error dialog instead of crashing if no projectM visualisations were found.
    * Fix a crash when the “Last.fm” tree item was expanded.
    * Fix a bug that would create empty “Unknown” categories in the Library.
    * Fix a black visualisations window when using a non-English locale.
    * Detect symbolic links in the music library properly.
    * Pick gstreamer codecs automatically when transcoding, insteading of using a hardcoded list.
    * Sort items in the library that don’t have a track number set properly.
    * Sort library items with UTF-8 characters properly.
    * Use the file extension as well as the mime-type when figuring out how to  load a remote playlist.
    * Handle “Artist – Title” icycast metadata properly.
    * Filtering the playlist now focuses the currently playing song.
    * Filtering the playlist is now case-insensitive.
    * Load the “albumartist” tag from flac and ogg metadata.
    * Make the commandline interface work even when not running an X server.

Per installare Clementine 0.5 Rc1 su Ubuntu / Debian basta scaricare il pacchetto dal link posto sotto, cliccarci sopra e confermare