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Lubuntu 10.10 Maverick Beta 1

Lubuntu è una versione di Ubuntu basata sul desktop environment LXDE.
Questa distribuzione risulta leggera ed adatta anche ai pc più datati.
Una prima revisione sostiene che usa la metà della RAM che utilizzano Xubuntu e Ubuntu su una normale installazione o nell’utilizzo tipico.

Ecco le principali novità della nuova Lubuntu 10.10 Maverick Beta 1

New LXAppearance from LXDE git (without Openbox integration); the usual updates from Ubuntu; update notifier was added; Xpad was added; Parcellite and pyNeighborhood were removed; LXTask was added to replace Xfce task manager; Evince is now used for reading PDF files; some small games, powered by Ace of Penguins; new theme and slideshow available during installation; LXDE is now HAL-free, Lubuntu still depends on HAL for CD-burner, but by removing it, you can obtain a HAL-free system; a new meta-package (lubuntu-core) is available to install only core packages of Lubuntu; add support for indicator applets on LXPanel…