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Fotoxx  è un editor di immagini GTK+ per foto ritocchi veloci e creare panorami. Attraverso una semplice interfaccia possiamo interagire direttamente con l’immagine migliorandola come meglio vogliamo. Tra gli strumenti base, oltre ai soliti di “serie” come luminosità e contrasto, offre la possibilità di creare immagini HDR, immagini panoramiche, ridurre l’effetto Red Eye, ridurre l’intensità dei colori, eliminare il fastidioso effetto determinato dal rumore, correggere foto sottoesposte e tanto altro. In parole povere attraverso fotoxx abbiamo le basi per il foto ritocco.

Ecco le novità della nuova versione 10.8 tratte dal sito del produttore:

 * A Portuguese translation was added.
 * New function: mass resize images (for website photo upload, e-mail, etc.).
 * The new Linux standard trash is used for trashed images. If this is not available, the old method is used (trash folder on desktop).
 * Select Area: Draw + follow edge works better for jagged edges.
 * Select Area: Select by color improved: easier to expand selection without leaving unselected “islands”, and better control of selection.
 * Thumbnail gallery: added a “list view” option (without thumbnails).
 * HDR/HDF/pano alignment/warp algorithm can handle larger image offsets.
 * HDF interface for fine alignment was made more intuitive: the image mapped to the mouse position is always the one being warped.
 * Live help via F1 key is now available for all functions.
 * The dialog to view and edit EXIF data is updated for each image opened, so that a given EXIF keyword can be viewed, added, or changed quickly (especially good to view or add text comments for a series of images).
 * Mass add tags: select target files from the image gallery window.
 * Save-as with “new version” selected: look for all file versions (not only the version being edited) and use the highest + 1.
 * Minor improvement in warp area algorithm.
 * Bugfix: convert RAW: popup report sometimes omitted a converted file.
 * Bugfix: an image saved as tiff-8 was actually being saved as tiff-16.
 * Bugfix: sporadic crash if a selected area touches an image edge.
 * Bugfix: the color of all edit curves could change sporadically.
 * Bugfix: image_gallery: if the first directory opened is empty and the “parent” button is selected, crash.
 * Bugfix: HDR/HDF sporadically showed a partially black image.

Per installarlo su Ubuntu basta scaricare il file .deb dal link posto sotto cliccarci sopra e confermare

download fotoxx-10.8-32.deb
download fotoxx-10.8-64.deb
download rpm / tar.gz